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Carbon Black TLW-001BL

Protect your eyes, optimize brain function and better your mood with Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear. Designed with a special Fullerene lens to transform harmful wavelengths into more beneficial light, Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear is suited for both indoor and outdoor wear and corresponds precisely to the eye sensitivity spectrum.



Improving both vision and mind: THE® Glasses provide a sharper image even in poor light conditions and contribute to better and faster decision-making, thus making us more efficient and successful in everyday professional and leisure activities.
THE® Glasses reduce scattering of light inside the eye
THE® Glasses improve visual acuity
THE® Glasses increase contrast sensitivity and colour intensity and reduce reflection
THE® Glasses eliminate fatigue and discomfort in the eyes
THE® Glasses prevents blinding effects by sudden bright light

THE® Glasses protect the eyes by eliminating and transforming dangerous UV and blue radiation into the wavelengths (green, yellow, orange, red light) optimum for the molecular structure of the eye. Further, they protect the eyes from excessive amounts of combined light energy from all the light sources we are exposed to (artificial light, light from electronic devices and sunlight), because they let the ideal amount of the total energy through.
THE® Glasses protect your eyes from various ailments
THE® Glasses strengthen the eye ciliary muscle
THE® Glasses decelerate the onset of cataract
THE® Glasses prevent senile degeneration of the macula
THE® Glasses postpone the need for wearing corrective eyeglasses

Quantum Hyperlight is created by passing light through the Quantum Hyperlight Optics® lens, which positively affects both vision and brain function. This contributes to the general improvement of the wearer’s physical and mental state, thereby optimizing the body functions.
THE® Glasses enhance concentration, attention, and memory
THE® Glasses increase productivity and efficiency
THE® Glasses are helping faster and better decision-making
THE® Glasses support optimal mental performance during intense mental overloads

THE® Glasses have an anti-aging effect on the skin around the eyes. They eliminate and convert dangerous UV and blue light spectrum radiation into desirable light waves that maintain and stimulate natural regeneration/synthesis of collagen and elastin. This contributes to alleviating the existing and preventing the emergence of new wrinkles around the eyes. Such a unique feature is another reason to wear them both indoors and outdoors!
THE® Glasses function differently than all other glasses and they also look distinctive
THE® Glasses are a fashionable detail that will mark your style as well

THE® Glasses uniquely optimize the levels of serotonin (“happiness hormone”), dopamine (“pleasure hormone”), melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep regulation) and cortisol (stress hormone), bringing them into a natural balance, crucial for a healthy mental and physical functioning of the organism.
THE® Glasses establish psychological balance and strengthen self-confidence
THE® Glasses improve mood and lower stress level
THE® Glasses reduce anxiety, depression and aggression
THE® Glasses regulate sleep disorders and significantly reduce the consequences of jet lag
THE® Glasses raise and maintain the necessary level of vitality throughout the day

Who Will Benefit from THE® Glasses, When and Where

Everyone who cares about themselves and works hard and lives an active lifestyle: you, students, pupils, policemen, professors, pilots, soldiers, drivers (professional and amateur), athletes, politicians and parliamentarians, etc. All of us who are exposed, on a daily basis, to dangerous radiation of sunlight, as well as artificial lighting indoors (house, work, school, concerts, shopping centres, etc.).

Good Eyesight Is the Key to Good Health

Our eyes do not have natural, physiological protection against dangerous photons of high-energy light (UV and blue) from the sunlight, artificial illumination and radiation from electronic devices. This harmful light irreversibly damages our eyes, causing cataract and the degeneration of the macula. What is more, such light adversely affects brain functions and our general health.

THE® Glasses represent a unique solution to improve both vision and brain functions, because they block harmful radiation and simultaneously convert it into an optimum range of quantum hyperlight that reflects an ideal symmetry that is identical to biological structures. THE® Glasses will help you become more vital, healthier and more successful

See better • Feel better • Think better • Perform better

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